A Supernova That Exploded In 1987 Caused Something So Huge That It Affects Us All


This is a good one especially since we’ve been experiencing the comeback of intense solar flares(solar rays) this week! ;) 


25 years ago in the year 1987, something happened and the world felt it. The first globally synchronized meditation –commonly known as the first “Harmonic Convergence” – took place. Tens of thousands of people gathered all around the world at sacred sites around the planet to co-ordinate their intention. What intention? José Arguelles, who initiated the meditation put it this way:

There comes a point when things have to change. A vibration signal was sent out. Where the signal was coming from – whether it was coming from our genetic coding, whether it was coming from the Earth, whether it was coming from outer space, or whether it was coming from all of those – this signal went out and people responded to a signal. It is very much like when a species gets a signal to change the direction of its migration pattern.

massawakenIt was from that year on that the human mind began to open up more than it ever has before. Even though the status quo resisted these new ideas, more and more people began seeing through the old paradigm of war, environmental destruction, poverty, slavery and materialism, and instead opened their eyes and minds to a more wholistic worldview. People began questioning the many structures of society, and suppressed information began to resurface and become available to the masses. Ever since 1987, human consciousness has experienced a noticeable acceleration.

Now what is this all about? And why 26 years ago? Is this just some new age speculative talk? As much as world change is not a concept that needs to be backed up by science to be recognized as important, interesting studies have shown that this evolutionary movement isn’t just a coincidence or a simple initiative of a few individuals. The whole cosmos seems to be in.

Cosmic Rays and Human DNA

Before delving into the significance of the year 1987, let’s explore what scientists have discovered to be a key factor in the evolution of life: Cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are light waves of a very high frequency that have been shown to transform human DNA –therefore affecting human evolution. In fact, an analysis of ice cores extracted from polar stations in Greenland and Antartica have demonstrated that about 12,000 years ago and 34,000 years ago, an incredible increase in cosmic rays occurred. Scientists were astonished to find that both times correspond to periods of great leaps in human evolution in terms of art, technology and state of consciousness. Andrew Collins, a science and history writer who has studied the effects of cosmic rays, said:

The effects of cosmic rays on our own genetics has led to mutations within the body, within the mind, the brain, that has altered our perception of reality… The correspondence between ancient cosmic ray levels and sudden evolutionary leaps and human technology and art are facts.

Even as far back as 1973, famous science writer and astronomer Carl Sagan spoke about how cosmic rays cause DNA mutations and would have affected human evolution.

Cosmic rays are passing through the Earth and our bodies all the time due to ambient processes of the cosmos – hence why there is always a slow and gradual evolution taking place. However, in 1987 – the same year when a spark of change was being felt across the world –something different took place. A Supernova occurred close enough to the Earth that it was visible to the naked eye. Cool, but what does that have to do with anything?


A Supernova is a rare stellar explosion so powerful that its radiation can briefly outshine an entire galaxy, releasing as much energy as the sun is expected to emit over its whole life. What type of energy are supernova’s known to emit? You guessed it: Cosmic rays. 1987’s supernova – scientifically referred to as Supernova 1987A – propelled evolution-inducing cosmic rays throughout the universe that have reached planet Earth and are still affecting us to this day. In 1987, an evolution in consciousness began – followed by a growing global movement for change. Coincidence or not, the connection between rising frequencies and rising consciousness is factual.

Are you aware that a Shift in human consciousness is occurring, even as you read these words, that employs celestial triggers such as supernovas and Earth’s alignment with Galactic Center in the years leading up to 2012, to trigger the evolution of our species? – Sol Luckman


Around and after the year of 1987, many other celestial events have occurred; the most known being a massive increase in solar flares (also producing cosmic rays) and a rapid decrease of the Earth’s magnetic field – both of which are happening to this day. The Earth’s magnetic field is known to act as a shield against high frequencies… so what happens when it weakens? All the goodness of high frequencies seeps right in. Now many would think this is crazy because of the common belief that they are dangerous, however the purpose of cosmic rays and other high frequencies isn’t to fry us alive; but to gradually instigate the evolution of our DNA; the blueprint of our level of consciousness.

According to medical science, we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of “junk” DNA which are believed to have no purpose whatsoever. But what if this so-called “junk” DNA is merely dormant DNA? Studies show that our dormant DNA is now reactivating.

Dr. Berrenda Fox, physiologist and naturopath (who was later on “silenced” by the government and given a bad name to suppress such information) said it herself:

Everyone has one double helix of DNA. What we are finding is that there are other helixes that are being formed. In the double helix there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral. It is my understanding that we will be developing twelve helixes. During this time, which seems to have started maybe 5 to 20 years ago, we have been mutating. This is the scientific explanation. It is a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known. I am working with three children right now who have three DNA helixes… Some adults that I have tested actually do have another DNA helix forming. Some are even getting their third. These people are going through a lot of major shifts in their consciousness and physical bodies, because it is all one. In my opinion, the Earth and everyone here is raising its vibration… A lot of the old paradigms can no longer exist, yet are fighting to be maintained, but there is no doubt that it is changing. Those of us who have chose to live at this time are the forerunners of almost a new species.

Could this be the beginning of another evolutionary leap? I think so.


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Nuclear Power Issues Seeing Light


By William Boardman

“What the Fukashima?” and dozens of other anti-nuclear messages graced the bridges of the Interstate Highway from Northampton, Massachusetts, to Burlington, Vermont, reminding Columbus Day weekend leaf peepers that were passing close to the evacuation zone of theVermont Yankee nuclear power plant, still operating past it’s 40-year design life.

“What the Fukushima?” refers to the basic design of  the 1972 Vermont Yankee, which used the same General Electric boiling water reactor technology as the 1971 Fukushima plants that failed in Japan in March 2011.

Vermont Yankee’s original license expired on March 2012, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has already granted a 20-year license renewal to the plant’s owner, Entergy Corp. of Louisiana.  The Fukushima #1 plant had been scheduled for decommissioning in 2011, but had been granted a ten-year renewal before the tsunami hit.

Although it continues to keep operating effectively most of the time, Vermont Yankee remainsentangled in legal, political, and environmental disputes, in the context of a largely hostilepublic.  The State of Vermont is fighting Entergy in federal court.  The Vermont Legislature has already voted once to close the plant and has passed a tax bill to make up for revenue Entergy presently refuses to pay.

Environmentally, Vermont Yankee has suffered a long string of “events,” including the collapse of a heating tower, various leaks of radioactivity, and seasonal overheating of the water in the Connecticut River.


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Waste more, want more: America throws out good food
Americans waste up to ten times more food than someone who lives in southeast Asia, which is up 50 percent from an American in the 1970s. 
Americans throw away 40 percent of their food on average.
$165 billion worth of food is thrown away each year.
The average American family throws out $2,200 each year.
Garbage production in the US has doubled in the past 30 years.
The average American throws away seven pounds of garbage a day.
The US has 5 percent of the world’s population, but consumes more than 30 percent of the world’s energy & creates 70 percent of global toxic waste.


Waste more, want more: America throws out good food

  • Americans waste up to ten times more food than someone who lives in southeast Asia, which is up 50 percent from an American in the 1970s. 
  • Americans throw away 40 percent of their food on average.
  • $165 billion worth of food is thrown away each year.
  • The average American family throws out $2,200 each year.
  • Garbage production in the US has doubled in the past 30 years.
  • The average American throws away seven pounds of garbage a day.
  • The US has 5 percent of the world’s population, but consumes more than 30 percent of the world’s energy & creates 70 percent of global toxic waste.


The Russian oil industry spills more than 30 million barrels on land each year — seven times the amount that escaped during the Deepwater Horizon disaster — often under a veil of secrecy and corruption. And every 18 months, more than four million barrels spews into the Arctic Ocean, where it becomes everyone’s problem.

So, I came across an article this morning about an odd oil-rig protest as part of my morning read. A handful of activists are protesting the first ever oil rig in the Arctic sea. They’ve literally tied themselves to the side of big tanker ship in the Arctic.

Yeah, bizarre but it’s true. Greenpeace is live blogging it now. The Russian Coast Guard has been called in and the protesters will be in big trouble, I’m sure of it.

The oil rig is run by the largest natural gas company in the world, called Gazprom. It’s also Russia’s largest company. They’re also one of the most pollutive, hazardous companies on planet Earth. I didn’t know any of this until this morning. What do you think can be done?

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Scandal of the Tar Sands


Alex Smith | 12.04.2012 03:22 

A top Canadian scientist exposes a scandalous government cover-up of poisons moving from the Tar Sands to dying aboriginal people. David Schindler speech excerpts. Radio Ecoshock 31 min

The big oil companies are spending millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars, to convince you they produce what they call “ethical oil”. It’s everywhere. News columnists blather on about the wonderful “oil sands” and why we can’t live without them. Never mind the full page ads from tar sands companies in the same newspapers.

I can’t even go to a movie without seeing Hollywood-quality ads with butterflies and forests all around the new clean green Tar Sands operations.

Here is the other side of the story - a quick clip of a talk by Mike Mercredi, an aboriginal man from Fort Chipewyan, downstream from the Tar Sands.

(In the audio, Mike lists out his relatives that are dead or dying of cancer, which was unknown to them in previous generations, before the Tar Sands came upstream of their drinking water and fishing grounds)

I recorded that in 2008, when we had no experts to back him up. Listen to the whole Radio Ecoshock program “Climate Terrorism: The Tar Sands” 3 speakers recorded December 5th in Vancouver, listed on our 2008 show archive page at ecoshock.org.


As you will hear in this program, they are lying about being able to reclaim land to their former natural state. The oil companies and the governments who collude with them are faking and hiding the health effects.

The whole tar sands operation is a world-scale Ponzi scheme which will bankrupt future generations with the costs of clean-up, - if any remediation is possible. Or they will do what most mining companies do: leave a massive open scar upon the earth, all for the quick quarterly profits of foreign multinationals.

Why says so? According to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and his Environment Minister, anyone who criticizes the Tar Sands is just a foreign-funded radical - unpatriotic environmentalists.

Let’s meet one of those radicals. Here is the introduction to Dr. David Schindler, before his speech in Vancouver, on March 28th, 2012. The intro is by John Pierce, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Simon Fraser University.

(audio: Schindler helped discover that phosphorus from detergents and water treatment plants was killing the Great Lakes; he proved acid rain was coming from coal plant pollution; he’s recently done a study of Tar Sands pollution. Schindler has an Order of Canada, is a member of the Royal Society, and has many, many honors.)

That’s the wild-eyed radical the Prime Minister fears. A life-long scientist who helped clean up the Great Lakes from phosphorus, who proved the source of acid-rain, a world-recognized and heavily awarded expert, David Schindler.

David is no fly-in academic from New York. He lives in Northern Alberta. He’s fished in the many streams threatened by the proposed Enbridge northern pipeline. He’s measures the water and the air, finding pollution governments denied.

In the program I summarize some of the surprising revelations in this speech, bolstered by selected audio. For example, did you know the tiny amounts of supposedly reclaimed lands can never be returned to their previous state, because the mine tailings are too salty?

I also didn’t realize the biggest source of pollution is actually air-borne. We’ll learn all that and more in this work-shop from Canada’s top Tar Sands expert, a quiet but devastating critic of the world’s dirtiest source of oil.

* Tar Sands chemicals flood local rivers, probably explaining higher levels of cancer in aboriginal Canadians downstream.

* The government won’t investigate the many deaths there.

* The former Alberta caribou herds will never return.

* The forests are being stripped in an area projected to be larger than the state of Florida.

* Countless tons of methane are burned and released just to get oil out of the sands.

* The corrosive raw oil is carried in a network of pipelines, tankers, trucks, and famous spills. It’s an industrial spider web reaching down into the United States, indeed all over North America.

* Wherever you live in the world, the Tar Sands are wrecking your atmosphere, as the single largest industrial source of greenhouse gases on the planet.

The damage can be seen from space, and will last for thousands of years. Welcome to your secure energy source, your damned “ethical” oil.

David begins with the tailing ponds, some of which are just meters away from the Athabasca River. According to Tar Sands Watch, every square meter of oil-bearing bitumen mined creates six square meters of tailing. These are tossed into toxic lakes now covering more than 55 square kilometers, over 13,000 acres and growing rapidly. The tailing dyke of just one company, Syncrude, is the second largest dam in the world. Only the Chinese Three Gorges Dam is larger.

Here is David Schindler…
[SH1_TailingsAthabasca etc. 1:38]

David then makes several key points. First, development in both the Tar Sands operations, and in the surrounding town and infrastructure has far outstripped any planning process or regulation. It’s a wild-west anything-goes oil rush. As that building boom grew, the size of planning and regulatory bodies needed to keep pace. Instead successive governments have cut funding, to the point that hardly anything is monitored, regulated, or planned.

Second: while the many foreign corporations make obscene multi-billions in profits, the Canadian public gets less and less of the revenues. Governments, with political parties heavily funded by oil companies, kept reducing the percentage going to the Canadian public. Later, we’ll find the whole cleanup bill is mounting, as reclamation is stalled for decades. Young Canadians will pay those astronomic bills.

[SH2_FastDevleopment_massiveprofits 4:43]

From the recording March 28th, in Vancouver, here is what David Schindler says about “ethical oil”.

[SH3_Ethical_Oil 2:58]

OK, now we are going for a long walk through David Schindler’s presentation. He talks about cancer in the Native people; how the industry-sponsored river testing found NOTHING, no contaminants from super-polluting smoke stacks. His own team of scientists found a wide range of heavy metals and toxic polycarbonates the industry and government somehow failed to detect.

This can be heavy going, with a map you can’t see, but hang in. David Schindler all along gives you the big picture references that nobody else is talking about. For example, there are two giant chemical complexes called “the upgraders” which process the raw bitumen. These are sending out pollution for 50 miles around. It accumulates on the snow, and on the frozen rivers, until the fast Spring melt supercharges all the waters with toxic chemicals. It’s the quiet science of the horrific.

[SH4_ScienceTesting 17 min]

That was Dr. David Schindler, an internationally renowned scientist working in Canada, talking about his team research into pollution from the Tar Sands. This was recorded by Alex Smith at the Simon Fraser University Wosk Centre in downtown Vancouver on March 28, 2012.


I hope you got one of the stories Schindler explained. As I understand it, Dr. Schindler and other scientists could not accept the industry-funded government approved study saying that NONE of the dirty pollutants from the tar sands operations could be measured in the Athabasca River or its tributaries. They found the alleged testing set up measuring stations either upstream of the operations, or far down river near the river mouth at Lake Athabasca, where dilution would be greatest. The testing method had a baseline, or used techniques, which eliminated low levels of contaminants.

Three scientists, David Schindler, Jeff Short of NOAA, and Peter Hodson, a toxicologist at Queens University took their own samples. These included sites near the Tar Sands operations. This independent team used better testing methods. They found low levels of many, many toxic substances, especially near the so-called upgrader plants, where air pollution is strong and obvious. This is a scandal! The First Nations people living downstream from the tar sands complained for years their families were dying of cancer. Industry and the government told the victims there was no pollution in their water.

After the not-so-mysterious cancer deaths of the First Nations people, and after two decades of warnings from scientists, here are the results of the health impacts study done by the Canadian government: nothing!

They don’t investigate. They don’t care. There are billions of dollars of profits to be made every year. That is what matters.

You aren’t going to hear the dirty truth about the tar sands from any authority, and certainly not from the millions spent on propaganda by the multinational oil companies digging out the tar.

We are out of time for this week, but not out of ammunition. In an upcoming Radio Ecoshock show, you’ll hear more from famous scientist David Schindler. He’ll tell us why the heavily advertised “restoration” of the scoured landscape is fake. Remaking nature is not possible, and it’s not going to happen.

Alex Smith

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Remember What It is Like to be Alive

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jedi training in the hundred-acre wood

The pivotal moment of my week-long wilderness survival class occurred a little more than halfway through the week.

We had gotten into nuances of stalking and camouflage - the art of movement and the skill of blending your form into the baseline pattern of the woods. Not only these, but almost every art and science that we’d studied that week finds consilience in the hunt. The hunt requires you to recollect the primordial language of animal tracks and signs - deciphering scratches on trees and snapped twigs and turning them into meaningful propositions; it requires you to be wary of the wind, temperature and humidity, and note when they change; it requires you to recognize patterns at ever-expanding concentric levels of existence - to know the earth like you know your mother, and to feel her beating heart wherever you sit or step.

The scope of ‘the hunt’ goes beyond looking for animals - it also includes foraging for plants that are edible or useful in some way - or searching for water, or looking for the right stone, or tree that for some reason the situation calls for. The hunt is a ‘geomantic’ state of mind wherein you are on a search for some soon-to-be aspect of yourself. It is both curious and intent, playful and somber. It is realizing that you belong in the web of life - you are welcome there if you practice humility and patience. Yes, you belong there - it’s your birthright.

Most of us didn’t grow up learning traditional ways of questing in the wilderness - whether for visions or for resources - so for me at least, that space feels distinctly, indubitably sacred. I felt that same dark, visceral enchantment when my partner and I slaughtered our lambs last fall, or when I went to a primitive hide-tanning gathering for the first time and spent a day scraping a cow hide that I’d brought with me - becoming absorbed in navigating the miniscule landscape of the creature’s skin with my scraping tool. The power in such experiences can feel downright profane when you aren’t prepared for them. I’ve experienced such ‘profane illumination’ myself, where I feel that I’ve stepped into a river of mana that is almost too swift and strong for me to bear - so I simply forge ahead, putting one foot in front of another (and this is where protective rituals and spell-casting come in!) and am left bewildered as Pan disappears back into the forest…

This past week, however, I never got the sense that I tumbled or crashed into that holy wild space… I slipped into it, like dozing into hypnagogia. And in that dream-time I found nothing like the Revelations of St. John, but rather a sort of mundane sacredness, characterized by such a subtle change in vibration that I can see how easily it can go untapped.

It is in the most quotidian aspects of modern living - things like conjuring calories and warmth - that in the wild are clearly times of high alchemy. Those are the times when we feral sorcerers oversee the transubstantiation of one element into another. They are when energy and matter trade places. Friction turns into fire, and other organisms give their life-energy to us. It is at those times of creation and participation that, if we were to lift our heads and look around us, we would see the gods seated there in a semicircle, silently watching with broad elfin smiles and half shadowed faces.

There’s something about that mundane vanilla holiness that makes it so much more preferable to the contrived, liturgical holiness that only occurs at set, formal times. The latter abounds in the modern world. What if a ritual is there but there is no spirit inside it, no god? Indeed, I think this is how many people experience various organized religions. They see (and feel) an aesthetically pleasing vessel - but it is empty - it contains no nourishment. And many of them know that there is something missing. I fear that we aren’t routinely empowered to ask the questions necessary to dismantle the distraction of dead ritual - and we definitely aren’t empowered to create our own rituals - to fashion vessels for our own gods. (And I think “our own” gods are the gods of us all - the gods of fire, food, thunder, sex, death…) People ask me what studying religion has to do with farming (because those are the two things I pursued as an undergraduate) - and I often find myself talking about rites-of-passage and vision quests… our society suffers a lack of such traditions, that really reveal to us personally how much stardust and energy goes into supporting the life and well-being of our bodies and minds. Moreover, we lack even a grammar for such things - which prevents us from hacking new rites, rituals and myths - we’ve forgotten that they are [open-source] things that can be parsed and recompiled. They’re not supposed to be static… or at least, only as static as Mama Nature herself.

There was a point in the week where I did hear a couple of angels sing, though. We had practiced transforming our gait, widening the angle of our vision, and using one of the simplest weapon-tools known to primates; a throwing stick. All these things we had approached independently earlier in the week, with accompanying lectures, demonstrations and anecdotes. On Thursday, we did an exercise that gave us a context for combining these sensory and kinesthetic skills - we were to go into the woods wielding a stick (a solid, wrist-thick piece of wood about a foot and a half long) and practice stalking, approaching and throwing at targets as soundlessly and seamlessly as possible - using trees or stumps in place of actual woodland critters.

I had been at a slow fox walk for about 20 minutes - periodically sliding up to large trees and crouching in their shadows for a few minutes to motionlessly observe the forest. I concealed the stick behind the arm that was holding it and kept both arms close to my body - at times I was almost at a crouch.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that being ‘armed’ (or thinking of myself as armed) exerted a very potent psychological influence. It was nearly subconscious - my posture registered in my limbic system as being one poised for attack and this went straight to my muscles and senses - causing me to slow down and enhancing the precision of my movements. I felt like a cat. This way of moving felt strangely familiar and simultaneously alien. I let these feelings register as thoughts and swirl around my head, and did my best to feed them back into my body - I didn’t want my ‘thinking’ mind to be in charge.

The stick was like a magic wand, I realized - it was acting as a conduit and guide for my awareness. Magicians often speak of magical items used in spellcasting and ritual as being devices for amplifying the ‘signal’ of our intention. I suddenly had the experience of what that meant.

I sat down in front of a large tree and savored this body-buzz. I looked forward into the forest with all its dimensions and textures and felt that my vision was different - as if I was suddenly seeing in high-definition. I didn’t feel anxious at all, or like I was ‘waiting’ for anything - a rare state, I think, compared to the humdrum of everyday civilized life. I knew that when I moved a muscle next it would be a totally intentional movement, not hasty, because I wouldn’t be trying to get anywhere - I would just be continuing a kinesthetic conversation with the woods, with perhaps just curiosity as my guide. I knew that by the time I stood up, I would be part of this forest. And when I did stand up, I felt all the hairs on my body raise - as if in praise. As I continued on my stalk, I decided to try my hand at some target practice. And miraculously, my aim was radically improved from when we’d practiced throwing at targets back at camp. The targets I chose were further away, too. It made all the difference for the throws to be in the context of a meaningful activity. My solitude helped too - I didn’t feel like I was performing in front of anyone, and was able to approach my targets and get into position slowly and deliberately. At one point I found the precision to hit a mushroom off a tree trunk from 20 feet away!

Being a human can be fun again when you realize you’re a special kind of animal with a unique and wonderful skill-set. It is, indeed, something to be admired - just as we so admire our beautiful hooved, winged and pawed brothers and sisters.

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